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  • Abdullahi H. Ali
  • Jaclyn Aliperti
  • Cody Aylward
  • Erin Baerwald
  • Perry Barboza
  • Erik Beever
  • Brad Bergstrom
  • Christopher Callahan
  • Gerardo Ceballos
  • Andreas Chavez
  • Joseph A. Cook
  • Mike Cove
  • Ed Davis
  • Noé de la Sancha
  • Megan Dudenhoeffer
  • Marissa Dyck
  • Nicole Edmison
  • Sophie Farr
  • Adam W. Ferguson
  • Anthony J. Giordano
  • Camille Goblet
  • Jose González-Maya
  • Dana Green
  • Eric Green
  • Rebecca Green
  • Keila Gutierrez
  • Melissa Hawkins
  • Jim Heffelfinger
  • Anne-Marie Hodge
  • Rodney L. Honeycutt
  • Malorri Hughes
  • Rhiannon Jakopak
  • Tereza Jezkova
  • Thomas Jung
  • Matina Kalcounis-Rueppell
  • Dawn M. Kaufman
  • Travis Knowles
  • John L. Koprowski
  • Alex Krevitz
  • Tom Lacher
  • Nicole Lewis-Rogers
  • Holly Lutz
  • Jason Malaney
  • Rodrigo A. Medellin
  • Melissa J. Merrick
  • Marylin Novillo
  • Ricardo A. Ojeda
  • Graham Perner
  • Lynda A. Randa
  • Karen Reiss
  • Mike Rentz
  • Chloé Warret-Rodrigues
  • Margaret H. Schadler
  • Steve R. Sheffield
  • Katie Smith
  • Winston P. Smith
  • Matt Snider
  • Sydney Rae Stephens
  • John Stuhler
  • Michael E. Tewes
  • Nathan S. Upham
  • Evan Wilson


History and Mission

The Conservation Committee was first established by the Board of Directors in 1927 as the Conservation of Land Mammals Committee, and is one of the oldest and consistently most active committees in the Society. The Committee functions to fulfill the Society's responsibilities to promote the conservation and welfare of natural populations of land mammals. The committee's name was shortened to Conservation Committee following the 2002 Annual Meeting.


The committee is subdivided into seven subcommittees that are responsible for position letters, resolutions, conservation education, coordination with other societies, international conservation issues, special projects, and mammalian conservation news.

Associated Resolutions

Full list of ASM Resolutions

ASM Resolutions written by the Conservation Commitee

Position Papers



  • Policy Engagement
  • Networking (People and Information)
  • Visioning the Future


  1. Policy Engagement
    ASM Workshops:
Connecting Mammalogy to Policy Impacting Mammals
Potential Topics:
  • Island Endemism and Mammals
  • Energy Development
  • Urbanization
  • Migration
  1. Networking & Information Provider
    Building capacity and connections within and outside ASM to engage science in policy processes.

A) Social Media Team      
ASM Website
Facebook—2 sites
      Group Page—Internal
      Public Page—External 
B) Implementing Regional and International Networks   
C) Coordination with other Societies
D) Climate Change (Energy Development, Habitat Loss, Ocean Acidification)
E) Taxonomic Specialists
F) IUCN, Endangered Species and Federal Agencies (esp. USFWS and NMFS)
G) State, Provincial, Federal Agencies, Museums, NEON, LTER
H) Zoos
I) Liaison with ASM Leadership and other ASM Committees—
(Legislation and Regulation, Resolutions, Program, Publications, Systematic Collections)
  1. Visioning the Future


(1) Keep updated on mammalian conservation issues that require action in the form of a resolution (for less time sensitive issues); write resolutions with cover letters and list of recipients if warranted.

Position Letters and Comments
(1) Keep updated on mammalian conservation issues that require action in the form of a position letter (for more time sensitive issues); write position letters with list of recipients if warranted.